Why Buy Eagle Rock Beef?

Simply put, we are YOUR rancher and strive to provide YOUR family with the premium product you have been looking for.

  • Animal Welfare - This is our TOP priority. We are GAP (Global Animal Partnership) Level 4 certified as well as BQA (Beef Quality Assurance) certified

  • Quality - We believe that high quality inputs produce superior outputs. Our cattle graze on 1,000's of acres, eating protien rich thimothy grass, they drink pure mountain run-off water, and breath pristine clean air. Our beef is free of both antibiotics and growth hormones

  • Taste. Our beef is grass-fed, pasture raised and then 21 day dry aged. We use a NON-GMO ration to finish our cattle, creating a marbled texture and tremendous flavoring

Bottom line, we raise happy cattle.

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